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Magic Johnson+MBE Capital partner to offer $100 million in loans to minority & women-owned companies

I was not an applicant in the first wave of business recovery or assistance loan applications processed through the SBA due to COVID-19. However, as a minority & woman owned business; the news article published by Jabari Young @JABARIJYOUNG of #CNBC gives me so much hope for my fellow business owners who desperately need these funds to stay afloat but may not have yet attained the funds they need.

The article states the funds will be distributed through the SBA and all applications will be vetted using SBA guidelines.

I have attached an external link that published the announcement about this initiative in brief. Thank you Magic Jonson for your consideration by extending additional funds to minority and women owned businesses in the USA. Thank you!

Follow the news publication here: READ MORE

I hope you are all safe and surrounded by love🖤- Farai Machina

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