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Kitchen to Retail Foods is a business service for food enthusiasts, food start-ups or food entrepreneurs who need help to charter their favorite recipe into a commercially viable retail product.  

We provide step-by step guides that help you progress from developing your concept with consideration for your target market, retail commercial space, viability to deliver on customer expectations, risk mitigation, "scalability" and profitability.

We also offer additional 1:1 consultation services through our panel of experts that cover a wide range of product categories and commercialization steps you will need to complete in order to mass-produce and sell in the retail space.

​We have over 30 years of food industry experience within our team of experts in food commercialization from concept to launch via innovative culinary development, ingredient sourcing/procurement; food Safety and regulation compliance; prototype development cycle; sensory analysis, pilot and mass production scale ups; contract-manufacturer sourcing and more.

Speed to Market is important to us and we do not believe in short-cuts. We anchor ourselves in viable research data and proof-of-concept processes so you can make sound decisions as you charter your food product to the global retail market. 

Feeding the world with food worth loving is what drives us. We accomplish this by supporting development and commercialization of shelf stable foods fit for the global retail market or unique gourmet markets. 


We are anchored in sharing valuable  and credible knowledge while helping others deliver amazing foods that people love.

The process of Concept to launch is a journey, and while each journey is unique, our product development and commercialization guides can help you charter the path to your unique retail destination. 


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